Air Powered Operator

Now you can operate any door better, faster and safer, with an Easy Maintenance Air Powered Door Operator from Ultimate Supplies. Old doors will operate like new and new doors can operate better than ever.


Safer and Stronger

  • Pneumatic Air Operators open and close the doors quickly, smoothly are reliably.
  • Instant reverse at the control switch
  • No motors, gears or pulleys to burn out, bind or break

Cost Cutting

  • Operates door three times faster than electric
  • Uses 40-90 psi of air and only .4 cubic feet of air to open and close a door
  • Typical 10-foot door cycles from closed to fully open in 5 seconds
  • Easy to install, service and maintain compared to electric trolley and other pneumatic operators
  • Easy Maintenance Models do not require automatic oilers or lubricants to operate. Pre-lubricated from the factory to last years without requiring lubrication.
  • Easy to service and install. Save on costly labor and maintenance expenses.

Easier on Doors

  • Operators gently accelerate at the beginning of each cycle and gently decelerate at the end
  • Cushioning effect eliminates jarring, jerking, and damage to doors
  • Only uses 40-90 psi of air and .4 cubic feet of air per cycle
  • Operates on any sized doors

Better in Wet or Hostile Environments

  • Operators designed to withstand exposure to moisture and cold in carwashes, greenhouses, lube bays and other corrosive environments
  • Operator design eliminates costly high-voltage wiring installation
  • Easy Maintenance Air Operators are made of Stainless Steel and High Quality Aluminum components. The control boxes are all Nema 4 Rated and completely water-proof and have LED Lighted buttons.