Stainless Steel Infrared Carwash Heaters

ULT Series


Ultimate Supplies is the only company to design a heater exclusively for the carwash industry. Only Ultimate offers Infrared Heaters made with stainless steel radiant tubes, stainless steel reflectors, stainless steel burner cabinets and stainless steel fan housings. This makes them perfect for vehicle wash bays where moisture and air turbulence attack the heater. No other heater offers longer life with no corrosion. Electronic controls and valves are completely enclosed and sealed from moisture in the atmosphere. No other manufacturer offers this important design feature. Heaters can be fitted to bring in outside air for combustion, for a completely closed system, improving combustion efficiency and extending the life of the heater.


  • The difference in temperature between roof and floor is as much as 40°.
  • A significant portion of the heat is escaping to the roof and out the doors.
  • To maintain 35-degree ice protection at the floor, each warm-air heater must heat air to 180 degrees — wasted energy when doors are open.
  • Additional energy is wasted to run air circulation fans to move heat.


  • Puts heat where it’s needed with almost no waste.
  • INFRARED Heat from the stainless steel tubes is reflected down to your equipment, floors and other surfaces and is absorbed directly onto the surface therefore becoming warmer.
  • Temperature difference between roof and floor is only 2 to 3 degrees.
  • Minimal heat loss through the roof and doorways.
  • Ice-protection is maintained in the same way the sun provides heat. Infrared rays are directed onto floors, walls and equipment, warming all too precise ice-prevention levels.
  • No air-circulation fans are necessary.
  • The most cost efficient means to heat an open space. Our heaters have a proven track record of saving our customers 30%-75% of their fuel consumption compared to forced-air and floor heating systems.
  • Low maintenance stainless steel materials in all components of the ULT Series Infrared Heaters.


  • ULT80U20
  • ULT100S30
  • ULT100S35
  • ULT125S40
  • Others BTU and length of heaters are available, call for details.