Ultimate Supplies, LLC can also offer our customers the ElectraFlex High Speed Curtain Door System. Manufactured specifically with the car wash environment in mind, the ElectraFlex’s distinctive design incorporates years of engineering expertise and features some of the highest quality water and corrosion proof materials available. Superior craftsmanship helps the Ultimate Supplies’ ElectraFlex High Speed Curtain Door System provide years of worry-free maintenance and reliable, safe operation. Hands down, this is the best vinyl door system in the car wash industry offering unique design and features that no other company can offer their customers. Our doors are all hand made by Ultimate Supplies to meet your needs for any carwash, whether it is a touch-free in bay automatic or a full service car wash.


Now you and your customers can rest easy when the ElectraFlex is ever struck by a vehicle. The ElectraFlex High Speed Door is designed to eliminate expensive door repairs. When struck the ElectraFlex safely “flexes” out of its guide tracks and upon rolling itself up will automatically reset into the track for normal operation. The track design is completely rust proof and maintenance free.


The ElectraFlex is made with a flexible and reinforced vinyl with superior outdoor pigments to ensure prolonged color retention and ultraviolet protection. The ElectraFlex includes a specially designed wind stabilizing system allowing for extreme strength and dimensional stability. The vinyl accepts most forms of graphics and includes three full-width clear full- vision panels for increased safety and added visibility.


The ElectraFlex is powered by Ultimate Supplies LLC’s exclusive EM2 Electric Motor. Only Ultimate Supplies can offer our customers the new EM2 Electric motor to operate the doors with proven reliability and consistency of performance. The EM2 is a completely sealed motor with a brushed aluminum housing that will not rust and is maintenance free. All i calibrations and settings and inputs from your carwash controls are performed in the NEMA 4 approved waterproof control box. There are NO limit switches or controls on the motor, once installed you never need to touch your motor again!


  • Takes up half the clearance space of traditional overhead doors
  • Rust proof guide tracks
  • No hinges, rollers, springs, counterweights or cables
  • Includes control box and monitored electric eyes
  • EM2 Motor has a high quality DC advanced brushless servo technology
  • Compact motor design
  • Fast and consistent open and close speeds with soft start and stop operation
  • No limits switches required
  • Programmable inputs for various sensors
  • Plug and Play with polarized color coordinated for simple service and setup
  • Battery Backup – the only door system with the battery backup to run the doors in brown and black outs
  • The systems flexibility enables use in certain applications with unbalanced doors
  • All motors can be powered by 115 or 230 VAC at 60 Hz
  • Manufactured exclusively by Ultimate Supplies, LLC.