Electric Motor Controls

Ultimate Supplies LLC introduced the EM2 Electric Operator System in the Spring of 2017 and since then it has been one of the best performing door control systems available that is designed for the car wash industry.

The EM2 can be used with any overhead door system but has been the main control for the Ultimate Supplies LLC ElectraFlex High Speed Curtain Door. It has also successfully operated our Illuminator Polycarbonate Doors in dozens of carwash, lube bay and other industrial applications.


  • High reliability motors, very quiet operation, effective in areas where noise is an issue, eliminating noise and the need for external dampening.
  • The motor is built with high quality bearings. This combined with smooth motion control results in our motors capability of achieving a very high daily cycle count.
  • The motor is a closed unit which requires no internal maintenance reducing lifetime maintenance cost.
  • 1” Through-hole gearbox/motor design for easy mounting.
  • Soft Start and Stop, reducing wear on door and lowering maintenance cost.
  • Smooth door operation which softens the loading on the hardware increasing the life of the door and door hardware.
  • Dedicated input Terminals for Car Wash controls.
  • Battery backup ensuring door operation through brown and black outs.
  • Very clean light weight design.
  • System color coded for wiring, reducing the installation overhead once experience on the first system has been completed.
  • Compact motor design for applications where space is limited.
  • Fast internal diagnostic testing to pinpoint faulty peripherals.
  • Each operator can be powered by 115VAC or 230VAC 60 Hz. Single phase.
  • Strong enough to lift an unbalanced door.