SGX Series Infrared Heater

Only Ultimate Supplies, LLC offers heaters made with stainless steel radiant tubes, stainless Steel reflectors, stainless steel brackets and stainless steel burner cabinets. This makes them perfect for vehicle wash bays where moisture and air turbulence attack the heater. No other heater offers longer life with no corrosion. Ultimate Supplies LLC heaters are available in lengths of 12 to 60 feet, with Btu outputs ranging from 40,000 to 150,000. Ultimate Supplies Tube designs deliver uniform heat distribution along the entire length of the heater. Straight Tube (S-tube) designs taper heat for maximum efficiency. S-tubes (straight tubes) can be turned with up to two 90-degree bends to zigzag through tight areas. All are easy to install and service. Modular parts detach for routine maintenance.

Electronic controls and valves are completely enclosed and sealed from moisture in the atmosphere. No other manufacturer offers this important design feature.  All Ultimate Supplies, LLC burner cabinets are made of 100% stainless steel. Heaters can be fitted to bring in outside air for combustion, for a completely closed system, improving combustion efficiency and extending the life of the heater.

Ultimate Supplies LLC is the only company to design a heater exclusively for the CAR WASH INDUSTRY.  Only Ultimate Products can provide you with a “car wash heater.”

  • Minimize down time and help improve equipment operation.
  • Keep you open when your competitors are closed.
  • Improve customer comfort in waiting areas.
  • Lower maintenance cost of your chain drive and frictionless systems. Our heaters will keep your drive trains, guide rails, brushes and water lines frost free.
  • Deliver fast return on your investment, by saving up to 70% in fuel costs, with lower maintenance and more operating time.

What kind of carwash bays can you protect with Ultimate Supplies LLC Stainless Steel Heaters?

Tunnel Drive Systems: Ultimate Supplies LLC heaters are the perfect choice. One SGX38S40 will heat over 40 feet of an average tunnel. Heaters can be suspended directly overhead or alongside walls for complete equipment, wall and floor heat. Heaters can be mounted outside for exposed conveyor heat or prep-personnel comfort.

Self Service/Hand-Wash Bays: Ultimate Supplies, LLC heaters can be less expensive than under floor heating. Mounted on a side wall, our heater will also keep equipment, walls and coin boxes ice-free. An additional benefit is that your bay is also warmed, encouraging customers to stay longer and spend more money.

Frictionless/Automatics: Ultimate Supplies, LLC delivers low-cost frost protection. One to two heaters will eliminate the need for under floor heating, drip systems, rail antifreeze systems, and will keep ice off the walls and doors.  Roll-Over Brush Bays: Ultimate Supplies, LLC heaters keep ice from forming on brushes, spray arches, floors and walls.